Chiropractic Advertising: Google+

July 06, 2013

Google+ is a new social media service, and one that most chiropractors aren't taking advantage of as much as they should be. While Google+ isn't as popular as Facebook and Twitter at the moment, there are important reasons why should start your Google+ marketing now.

Google's plan with Google+ is to use it to enhance their search results, integrating social sharing with search. What this means is that if you can build an audience in Google+, this will make it easier to share your content with other people who are using Google+. In addition, people who are friends with people who have liked your page will see those search results, making it easy for them to find your services, as well.

We've just made Chiropractic Google+ content a lot easier, with our Chiropractic Social Media Service. Every day, we posts articles, videos and images that posted on your own Custom Chiropractic Blog. This content is then automatically sent to your Google+ account where all of your followers can see and comment on the posts.

This content is also sent to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, too, making it a full-featured chiropractic social media marketing system!

Don't get behind in your social media marketing. Chiropractors are figuring out the benefits of social media, and it's a great way to get patients.

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