Chiropractic Blogging - How to Guide

June 15, 2012

Blogging is an excellent marketing tool to use on your chiropractic website. In addition to being great for SEO purposes, having a blog enables you to:

  • Share useful information with potential clients.
  • Get feedback from readers through the comments section.
  • Built trust with potential clients.
  • Learn more about what your customers want.

So blogging is a great tool if you get it right, but the truth is many business owners are terrible at blogging. You don’t need to be one of them. If you follow these seven blogging tips you will stay on the right track.

Write for Your Blog Readers: This may sound like common sense but too many businesses blog without considering their readers needs at all. They blog about their business, what they sell, and post pictures of their staff parties and this is just not enough to engage their readers.

When you are planning your blog posts, think about what your potential customers might want to read, and what would hold their interest enough to make them come back again.

Write as You Speak:  When you write, avoid writing in the third person. Write as if you are speaking directly to your blog readers, because you are.

Interact With Your Readers:  The comments section of your chiropractic blog is a valuable tool to communicate with your readers. So make sure you don’t neglect it. If a reader asks a question, or makes a comment be sure to respond in a timely manner.

Break Blog Posts Down Into Readable Chunks:  Attention spans are shorter on the internet. Use bullet points, short paragraphs and sub titles to make your blog posts easier to read.

Stick to One Topic:  A huge mistake that many bloggers make is going of on a tangent, and writing about two different topics in one post. We’ve all done it. When you find yourself doing this, cut and paste the additional topic into a draft post so you can complete it later for an additional blog post.

Ask Questions to Gain Valuable Feedback:  At the end of some of your blog posts, try to ask a question which relates to the blog topic. This will encourage readers to interact with you in the comments section, enable you to get valuable feedback, and build trust.

Outsource: Running a blog on your website takes time, and you may not want to write all your blog posts yourself. In fact, if you’re marketing your chiropractic business and getting more work, you may not have time to do any of the blogging at all. In that case, it makes sense to outsource. An experienced writer will be able to research what you do, come up with great articles, and different angles for a topic. Plus they will be able to write much faster than you, as they do it for a living.

So, even if you don’t have time to write your chiropractic marketing blog posts yourself, you can still have a blog on your website and reap the benefits it will bring.