Building links to your chiropractic website

February 14, 2009

It's important to have a website that your patients can find online, and that's where search engine placement becomes so important. Ideally, you want your chiropractic website to be the first to appear in the Google or Yahoo listings.

The most powerful way to get to the #1 position is through inbound links. Inbound links are when another website links to your website. When other sites link to your site, it tells the search engines that your site is important and relevant. The more links you have to your site, the more important you are, and the higher your page ranks with the search engine.

The marketing experts at HubSpot have put together a fantastic guide to building links to your site. Here are some highlights:

First, add your website to online directories. This is an easy way to get some quick links, and it doesn't really take much time.

Second, a very powerful way for chiropractors to build links to their website is to ask for them from other businesses in your community. If you work with attorneys or other doctors in your city -- or any local business -- simply ask them for a link, and offer them a link to their website in return.

Another great way to get people to link to your site is to create a blog. A chiropractic blog can be a simple way to add new pages to your site. Say, for instance, that you see a news article about back pain. Just sit down at your computer, write a short piece about the news article with your thoughts, and hit publish. Voila! Instant content for your site.

These simple blog posts are also set up so that it makes it easy for people to link to them, adding more credibility to your website.

If you have questions about how to get the most out of your chiropractic marketing, please feel free to download our free e-book, Chiropractic Marketing Online.