Selling the benefits of chiropractic

February 11, 2009

With any kind of advertising, you want to sell the benefits of your service and not the features.

What does this mean?

Say, for instance, that your clinic offers spinal decompression. That's a feature, since most of your potential patients may not know what spinal decompression is.

Instead of advertising that your clinic has spinal decompression, you'll want to sell the benefit of spinal decompression -- "painless, effective, state-of-the art treatment for back pain."

This concept can be difficult to implement, because for you, the chiropractor, the benefits can be obvious. They aren't obvious for your patients.

Another mistake that's commonly made is advertising the fact that you have a particular piece of machinery in your office. You might be excited about this, but the machinery itself is irrelevant to your patient. It's the benefit of the machinery that's relevant to the patient.

So, instead of advertising that "We have XYZ Machine!" tell them that the "XYZ machine can help you recover from your back pain faster."

Remember this: patients are looking for a solution to their problem. Tell the patient how you can help them, and they'll be more likely to call for an appointment.

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