Free publicity for your chiropractic practice

March 04, 2010

Everyone has a favorite charity or cause. In most cases, they give money or volunteer their time. Partnering with a charity is a great way to draw attention to your chiropractic office.  Here are some ways to help your community and get your picture in the paper:

  • Make a donation. This doesn't have to be money. In fact, donating goods or services is a better option. Think of giving away the big door prize at a huge fund raiser.
  • Volunteer with your staff on "Make a Difference Day." This is usually held in October but many communities host similar events throughout the year. Close the office for a day and help!
  • Offer free exams to children, seniors or low income families for a day.
  • Sponsor a local sports team. Most sponsorships include an ad in all the programs and a banner on the field or in the gym. If you are the exclusive sponsor, you will have your name on all the athletes' shirts.

To some, using charities and causes for marketing exposure may seem shallow. But look at it this way, you would have donated anyway. Getting the good public relations is just a bonus!