Small Publications Can Give You Great Exposure

March 04, 2010

Do you pick up the free news magazines in the racks outside of your grocery store? Most people do. These free publications often provide news that is missed by the daily newspaper. Specialty publications are packed full of information about health, car care and other topics. The question is: Why aren't you advertising in these publications? The advantages are many:

  • The rates are more affordable. But be sure you are comparing apples to apples. You may get a 3X3 add in the daily paper for $100 for one day only. That same ad in a monthly publication may be $200, but the publication is on the stands longer. If you ran the newspaper every day for a month, you would pay thousands of dollars.
  • You can purchase column space or perhaps have your column included for free. Daily newspapers are sometimes reluctant to give away editorial space. Smaller publications are often in need of great copy.
  • If you are reading these publications, most likely your friends and neighbors are too.

When looking for a smaller publication, you may find one that focuses on health care. This is an excellent opportunity for you to target your advertising dollars.