Ethical Chiropractic Marketing and Google Maps

May 10, 2010

Some interesting issues in the world of chiropractic marketing, as guru Ben Cummings is taking some flak for his suggestion for chiropractors to provide reviews to other chiropractors who use his service. Here are some articles on this topic:

The Crummy Chiropractic Scheme

Review Solicitation – Dumb and Dumber

These blog articles cover the issues with this tactic clearly: this kind of cheating the system WILL be discovered, and the last thing you need to do is get your website banned by Google Maps!

Here's a much smarter, ethical approach to chiropractic marketing online:

  1. Ask your real, happy patients to write you a review on Google. You can even email them the link to your Google Map listing!
  2. Add quality, original content to your site. That's going to be beneficial to your patients, as you're actually helping them solve their health questions, AND it will benefit your website search placement over the long-term.

It should be obvious that the best way to build a healthy practice is through ethical techniques, but I guess not.