Chiropractic Marketing Advice from Captain Future

July 02, 2010

Remember those 1950's and 60's science fiction comics? The intrepid adventurer, the unlucky lady, and the robotic androids from planet 9? Back then, the ray guns and rocket ships were pretty hi-tech gadgetry. There were even computers capable of speaking 13,000 languages, communicating across the planet, and serving hot coffee. Here at Chirohosting, we do everything except the coffee - but we're working on that.

Don't get ripped off by gimmicky spinning graphics or flashy gizmos. Real-life technology should blend into a website seamlessly, in fact, it should feel simple, functional, and efficient. Here at our labs, we have an assortment of highly qualified chimps in lab-coats who work tirelessly to invent micro cold fusion processors. The technology progress.

In the mean time- we focus on making dynamically customizable websites with loads of interactive features and eye-pleasing designs. We've also learned that it's important to go above and beyond for our customers. In fact, we typically get to know each customer by name and even our owner takes customer service calls. We may not be Captain Future but we're pretty darn cool.

Rod Campbell
Marketing Director