Chiropractic Marketing with Captain Future - Fight Spam!

July 05, 2010

It haunts us. It torments us. We can't escape it!


Not the canned food substitute - the unsolicited advertising. Every day, millions of innocent web users innocently open their emails, only to be swarmed by scams, viagra, and Nigerian bankers. Promises of wealth, cures, and inappropriate personal ads have become as common on the internet as sand on a beach. Fortunately, email providers like Gmail have gotten pretty darn good at filtering out the daily assaults of junk mail.

Unfortunately, however, spammers are now following us to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter! Our chimpanzee lab is working on a prototype "spam-a-ray". For the time being, it looks like a stick. In lieu of a magical spam-away weapon, I suggest ignoring the junk and minimizing our own contributions to global spamming.

It's all too easy to jump on a site like Facebook and begin barraging the masses with "special offers" and "excellent services". Please don't. Social media websites are communities, not billboards. You'll do yourself and everyone else a favor if you stick to providing valuable information and creating personal connections. Personally, I recommend starting a chiropractic blog and posting witty, fun, and informative articles frequently, then sharing them with your friends one on Facebook and Twitter. This strategy works especially well if you host the blog on your website because it'll draw a steady stream of traffic.

Rod Campbell
Marketing Director