Fire Your Consultant

August 05, 2010

There seem to be thousands self-proclaimed "chiropractic marketing consultants". They charge hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per month and provide little or no service. In fact, they may even be harming your practice. Here's why you should fire them...

1. They're scavengers!
Most consultants are only experts at one thing- being con artists. They convince you that you need a service that you didn't know existed, promise guaranteed returns, and disappear when you try to hold them accountable. These roving predators move from client to client, feeding off practices until they eventually get run off. Think of them as hyenas.

2. They have no idea what they're doing.
We run into consultants every day. They frequently tell us "well, I don't know much about the internet". That always baffles us- "and you're a consultant?!". They'll happily lead you blindly through the forest and make important business decisions for you. Their worst case scenario is losing a monthly contract. Your worst case scenario is losing your business.

3. They make outrageous promises.
If a consultant "promises" anything- they're full of it. If they guarantee something, they're ripping you off.

4. They claim to have "arcane knowledge".
Frankly, I could teach any reasonably intelligent chiropractor how to successfully market their business online in 3 hours. No special skills or knowledge necessary. It takes very little "technical expertise". Great marketing requires general intelligence, creativity, and a fundamental understanding of human desires.

5. Last words...
Fire your consultant. If you absolutely need a consultant, choose very carefully. In fact, send us their resume and we'll give you our opinion (for free!). If you're looking for someone to manage your web marketing, give us a call. We can either create a solution for you or recommend someone who can.

Rod Campbell
Marketing Director
Chirohosting chiropractic websites