Chiropractic Marketing: how will Google Instant affect my chiropractic website?

September 09, 2010

Google just released an upgrade that radically changes the way people will use search engines- it's called Google Instant. The upgrade brings up search results instantly while you're typing a query into Google. If you haven't tried it, I recommend opening another browser window (or tab) and doing a Google search for "chiropractic marketing ideas". While you're typing the query, you'll notice that Google instantly brings up results for "chiropractic" when you type that word, then results for "chiropractic marketing", and finally the results for "chiropractic marketing ideas" after you've finished the whole thing. It also offers suggested search options like "best chiropractic marketing ideas".

This upgrade was released in the last 72 hours and is already having some impact on the way people use the internet. My guess is that it will encourage people to search for more obscure topics. For instance, rather than searching for "chiropractic marketing", people will also search for "chiropractic marketing strategy" and "chiropractic marketing plan". This is called long-tail searching.

The change will probably make it easier to find precise, accurate information on the internet- instead of having to wade through 7-8 pages of junk in order to find a relevant website.

From my perspective, as a marketing consultant, it'll mean a big strategic shift. When I'm marketing my clients, I'll need to begin targeting more obscure or complex search terms rather than just fighting for the top couple of keywords (like: "chiropractor phoenix").

How will this affect chiropractors? It means you'll need to focus on lots of high quality content, instead of focusing so heavily on building (or buying) inbound links. Here's my best advice: set up a blog and start writing 2-3 small articles about chiropractic every week. They don't have to be complex or cutting edge, just simple stuff. Be sure to include geographic keywords, like the name of your hometown.

It'll be interesting to watch Google Instant unfold. I'm also predicting changes in Google's Caffeine algorithm. That's a geeky way of saying that I think Google will be giving less value to inbound links and more value to high-quality content.

So...focus on the blog and start being cautious about how you backlink.

If this article was too "techy", feel free to give me and call and I'll explain how these changes will affect your individual practice. Here's my number: (800)295-3346

Rod Campbell
Marketing Director