Chiropractic Marketing Question: "How can I stand out among all the other chiropractors?"

November 19, 2010

The famous author and marketing guru, Seth Godin, wrote a famous book called Purple Cow. The book explains the value of being unique/remarkable and Godin has some pretty valuable insight about how to become remarkable and unique. I recommend reading the book but I'll give you a 10-second version:

If there are 10 chiropractors in your city and they all look identical, why should I choose you? Most chiropractic websites look basically the same: generic content that most people don't read, generic pictures of people either smiling or in pain, generic pictures of the doctor in the office, etc.

In fact, most "chiropractors" look identical: graduated from Life/Palmer in 19__, certified in *insert series of jibberish words*, graduated cum laude, treating patients for _ years, etc etc.

Non-chiropractors don't care about any of that. We don't know the difference between Life and Palmer or between Activator and Diversified. The only thing we want to know is that A. you're a good person we can trust, B. you seem intelligent and compassionate, and C. we can afford you.

You also need to be memorable. In fact, you have to be so memorable that we go back to your website even after looking at 10 more doctors. That means you need to seem different than the rest of the herd.

Want an example? Here:

Chiropractor A: website with a list of techniques that I don't understand, picture of boring doctor in lab coat, a biography with nothing but graduation dates and certificates that I don't understand, and a logo from the Better Business Bureau.

Chiropractor B: website that talks about why the doctor decided to become a chiropractor, section of the website that describes common health problems and how chiropractic can help, picture of doctor doing something cool (sport, with family, traveling, etc), and a biography that explains why the doctor is passionate about helping people.

Who's more memorable? Which one am I more likely to remember after looking at ten more doctors?

The important question: which one are you?

Rod Campbell
Marketing Director