"How does Facebook help chiropractors?" Chiropractic Marketing Questions

November 11, 2010

This is one of the most common chiropractic marketing questions. Doctors have no trouble recognizing the benefits of being an active member of their community, participating in service organizations, and maintaining a strong network of friends and supporters.  But, somehow, Facebook seems to elude even some of the smartest chiropractors.

Facebook is a community. A vibrant, thriving community of several hundred million people. It's not a tool for conjuring patients and there isn't a secret formula that'll turn you into a millionaire.

Being an active member of the Facebook community makes you recognizable, respected, and the primary healthcare resource for hundreds, even thousands, of people. If you can't see the benefits of this, I can't help you!

Invariably, the next question is "how do I use it?"

Sign-up, add content to your profile, share valuable information, comment frequently, contribute to conversations, say "happy birthdays", congratulate people when their children are born, add new friends, and have some fun. Being successful doesn't need to be tedious and difficult.

Facebook is a real community. The benefits are surprising and invaluable but they aren't free.  The price of success is time.

Rod Campbell
Marketing Director