Surprising your clients

November 28, 2010

I love to surprise my clients.

Today, for instance, a potential client called about a website for his practice and I answered the phone. That doesn't sound that unusual, until you realize that it was a Sunday morning. The doctor was shocked that he reached a human, let alone the owner of the business.

Here's another way we surprise our clients: sometimes we tell them that we're not the best choice for them and direct them to a competitor. There are some occasions where the client would be happier with a ChiroMatrix site than one of ours, and we're certainly not going to spend our valuable time and the client's valuable time trying to convince them otherwise. Life is too short for that. Plus, it's just going to be a disappointment for both of us down the road.

And that's another way we surprise our potential customers: we don't have a sales staff. I don't know about you, but I hate the hard sell, and I don't like pushy sales people bugging me constantly. I like to have the facts about a product or service and make my own decision.

One advantage of not having a sales staff: we don't have to charge a $500 setup fee to pay a sales commission! This saves you a ton of money, which is important in this tough economy.

So, if you have questions about getting a chiropractic website for your practice, give us a call. I assure you that we'll be happy to answer your questions and we won't bug you to death trying to "get the sale!"

Mike Melton
(800) 295-3346