Surprising Your Clients (Part 2)

December 01, 2010

Mike's last article on Surprising Your Clients was well received and garnered a lot of positive feedback from our clients. I just want to reinforce his comments by highlighting an experience I had today while talking with a prospective client. About an hour ago, "Jane" called us and wanted to know more about our $50 price. She wanted to know about "all of the extra hidden costs" and the "graphic design fees". It took me several minutes to explain to her that we have no hidden costs, no graphic design fees, and no contracts.

That blew her mind.

She couldn't understand how the best chiropractic website company could also be one of the least expensive. The answer is really simple: we have our clients' best interest at heart. ChiroHosting exists in an industry filled with profiteers, corporations, and scam artists. Being honest, caring, and going the extra mile makes us stand out amongst our competitors and that is the sole reason for our success.

As a chiropractor, you can imitate our strategy. By going out of your way to surprise and delight your patients, you're creating a tribe of evangelists who will ensure your success. Plus you'll develop good karma!

Roderick Campbell
Marketing Director