Know your Audience

December 22, 2010

No matter how perfect you are, you will never make 100% of people happy.

For most people, this is a horrifying revelation.

Most people are crushed by negative reviews and angry clients.

We become so afraid of criticism that we become mediocre.

All of our decisions become weak, moderate, and cautious.

Our fear of offending or upsetting even a small percentage of clients cripples us.

Know your audience and ignore everybody else.

Stop trying to make everybody happy or you'll never do anything great.

Sit down and clearly define your audience.

Create detailed profiles of your ideal clients (demographic, interests, etc).

Focus on making those people happy.

Find out what those people care about most and what appeals to them.

Provide those things better than anyone else.

Choosing a definable audience allows you to be remarkable and unique. People are sick of one-size-fits-all businesses and it's not enough to simply provide a "valuable service".

To succeed in the 21st century, you'll have to stand out.

(In simpler terms: don't be "just another chiropractor")

Rod Campbell
Marketing Director