Trouble with Contracts

February 08, 2011

In the chiropractic website industry, it's almost impossible to find a reputable company that doesn't require a lengthy contract in order to setup a website. In fact, most of these contracts are 1-3 years long and impose steep fines for breaking the contract early. The companies that require contracts usually justify them by expounding on the cost of setting up a website, which they dramatically inflate, and claiming that it's an "industry norm."

There are two reasons for requiring a contract:
1. to guarantee job security for large contracts ($10,000+).
2. to lock your customers into a subpar service.

Here at ChiroHosting we're using a radically different strategy - we've done away with contracts entirely! Our philosophy is to provide an exceptional service at a remarkable price. We're one of the few companies in our industry that doesn't need to strap clients down to retain them. I know, it's mind-blowing, but our clients stay with us because they genuinely like us! The downside to our strategy is that it requires harder work, more dedication, and a lower profit margin (our CEO doesn't own a yacht). The upside is that we enjoy going to work everyday, our clients love us, and we're growing faster than any of our competitors.

We're not revolutionaries or geniuses -- we're just doing the right thing.