Birthday e-Cards

March 31, 2011

We've been getting a lot of questions about automated Birthday e-Cards lately and I'd like to explain why we don't offer them. It's an easy feature to implement and wouldn't cost us hardly anything, but it comes down to marketing philosophy. At ChiroHosting, we've distinguished ourselves from the other chiropractic website companies by providing unparalleled human-to-human interaction. Our company is successful because we get to know every client individually and we customize our services according to their needs -- no automation, no outsourcing, no mass production. We live in an increasingly impersonal world, but we stand out by providing sincere human interaction.

Automated birthday e-cards are the epitome of impersonal, mass produced marketing. It takes zero effort.

When it's your patient's birthday, take a few seconds to write a personalized note and send it to them the old school way. The act of physically writing and mailing a birthday card takes time and energy, making it valuable. Sending your patients automated birthday emails is a nuisance, but sending them a handwritten birthday card will leave a lasting impression.

Good marketing takes time and energy. Shortcuts are a waste of time.

Best Regards,


Roderick Campbell
Marketing Director