Google's New Algorithm: How It'll Affect You!

March 17, 2011

Every few months, Google makes changes to their algorithm that determines how websites rank online. These changes are usually imperceptible to the average internet user and typically consist of minor tweaks and experiments, often designed to alter only a tiny percentage of search results. But every now and then Google shakes things up by significantly altering their algorithm or values within their algorithm. One such change took place this month and we're now calling it the "Google Panda Update". Do a quick news search for "Google Panda" and you'll find a whole range of articles and arguments debating the changes and what effects they'll have on websites.

This change is designed to increase penalties for websites who attempt to gain higher rankings by gaming the system. Generally speaking, this update will positively effect chiropractic websites who produce high quality content and build organic, high-quality backlinks. The only websites that'll suffer penalties are those who have duplicate or low quality content, are attempting to cheat the system, or are somehow linked to websites or SEO firms with bad reputations. This is a big step forward for those of us who want to contribute meaningfully to the internet by producing great content and honest websites!

The hardest hit websites are those who've gained high rankings (first page) by copying content from other websites. These sites are being identified by Google and being significantly penalized. An easy way to evaluate your website is to go through every page on your site and copy small chunks of text (2-3 sentences) and then pasting that text into Google. If other websites come up with the same content, you're probably being penalized. We strongly recommend deleting that content and replacing it with original content. Additionally, make sure you're not connected in any way to search engine optimization (SEO) firms with anything less than an angelic history.

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