Google Search Changes

May 07, 2011

Google is a company that doesn't sit still, and tonight (at least in parts of the country) Google has rolled out some new changes to it's search results.

There are a couple of things we're seeing:

  1. It's changed the look quite a bit. Personally, I think the contrast is too low on the text. The description of the site pages used to be black, now it's a shade of gray. I guess the designers must have taken over.
  2. No link to the Google cache anymore. That's kind of a pain, because the Google cache is a handy tool for getting info from older versions of a site.
  3. Visited links in the search results aren't changing color. This makes it very difficult to see what sites you've visited.

Right now, we're not seeing any major changes in search results, just the layout and look and feel.

Let us know if you're seeing anything different and your thoughts on the changes.

Mike Melton