Chiropractic Marketing Backlinks [scam]

June 17, 2011

Another quick scam alert: several unknown companies have been approaching chiropractors and offering "thousands of backlinks" and promising to place chiropractors on the first page of Google within 7 days, regardless of what their current position or how their websites are programmed. These companies appear from time to time and usually charge relatively high setup fees with a low, recurring monthly charge.

They'll usually offer an outrageously great service at unbeatable prices, do a minimal amount of work, and then disappear before fulfilling their duties. The work these companies perform is usually outsourced to "SEO Mills" in poorer countries and the quality of work is extremely low, resulting in a fast rank increase, but followed by an equally quick decline. This kind of work is often penalized by Google and, in extreme circumstances, can result in your website being permanently de-indexed from search engines. I recommend avoiding these companies and, for that matter, almost any company that cold calls you offering online services.

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Best Regards,

Roderick Campbell
Marketing Director