$12,000 Wasted

September 07, 2011

Here the deal, I'm going to save you $12,000 in less than a minute!

I spent a chunk of today speaking with a chiropractor about ways he could improve his marketing strategies without increasing his budget. As we were itemizing his marketing expenditures for the last year, I ran across a $12,000 expense with the initials "BB" next to the dollar amount. What marketing expenditure could possibly cost $12,000 up front for a small chiropractic office?!

Turns out he had purchased a local billboard advertising his personal injury services.

In the last 10 months he's only received 3 new patients from the billboard. That means he spent about $4000 per patient.

Print, billboard, radio, and phone book advertising ROI STINKS.

For $12,000, I could have funded a fairly strong online marketing campaign for a full year!

Save your money. Don't use outdated forms of communication.