Most Important Part of Chiropractic Websites

September 27, 2011

When designing chiropractic websites, there so many things to think about that often you can get caught up in details and miss what is really important about the site. A website is will be patients' first impression of your practice, as most patients now do their research online when trying to choose a physician. Thus it is important to make your website stand out from the rest, but also keep the essentials in mind.

The saying that "less is more" is true in this case: strive for simplicity rather than flashy, over-the-top effects. Patients are looking at chiropractic websites for information, not to be entertained. Make the content friendly and informative to let patients know the essentials of the practice like where the office is located, how many physicians practice there, and what kind of patients you normally see. Let patients get to know the physicians before they even step through the front door with helpful bios and pictures including information about their history, where they went to school, and how long they have been practicing. This way, when a patient meets the chiropractor face-to-face, he or she already has a sense of familiarity that will make him or her feel more relaxed.

A chiropractic website should also be easy to navigate and understand - informational content that is unlabeled or hidden behind moving links will not create a feeling of accessibility, only frustration. Lastly, be sure that the site compels potential patients to action before they leave the site. Chiropractic websites can increase their effectiveness by including a link where patients can schedule an appointment online. Otherwise, be sure there is a phone number or other contact information with a suggestion for patients to schedule right then and there. They will feel like they are welcome and in good hands when these important guidelines are followed.