The Difference between Original and Duplicate Content for Chiropractic Websites

September 27, 2011

The issue of using original or duplicate content for chiropractic websites may sound like a simple one, but in this case, the easiest way is not necessarily the best. Though website writers may want to cut corners and save valuable time by using copied content from another site, it could actually hurt the site more than help it. This is because search engines are able to see the difference between copied content and original content. In scanning millions of sites in a matter of seconds, search engines will reward websites with original content by bringing them into the results first. Search engines will also penalize websites with duplicate content by placing them further down in result listings or not even listing them at all. It is therefore essential to have original content to make your chiropractic website visible.

The difference between original and duplicate content is not so straightforward either. It is true that duplicate content is anything that has been copied from somewhere else on the web, but this includes statements in whole and in part. Even if a sentence is changed slightly in one or two words, search engines will still pick up on sentence structures that are the same. If using a direct quote from an expert, it is necessary to always cite the original source on your site to avoid plagiarism accusations. Many sites may even have a copyright on their content, making copying from that site a legal issue. Avoid trouble with the law and low visibility on search engines by always using original content on chiropractic websites. Duplicate content will only hurt the site and the reputation of the practice it is representing.