Why Chiropractors Should Use Facebook

September 27, 2011

With millions of users visiting the site each day, Facebook has easily become one of the most important destinations on the Internet.

1. The Audience Is Vast

No matter what an individual or business specializes in, signing up with Facebook can greatly help in reaching a potential customers. Since millions of people visit Facebook daily, it is likely that thousands of people interested in finding a chiropractor will be accessing Facebook every day. Potential patients in your area can easily find information about your chiropractic practice through this accessible format.

2. It Shows the Ability to Adjust

Some doctors do not believe that they need to change with the times in order to maintain a place in the public eye. To them, a physical location is enough, and nothing else is necessary. However, to take on such a view can be dangerous and cause a loss of patients. People like to know that the doctors they deal with are willing to adjust to modern expectations. Creating a blog, maintaining a website, and utilizing social networks are excellent ways to demonstrate your ability to keep up with technology.

3. There Is a Real Human Connection

Facebook is not just about posting interesting images or commenting on how the day was spent. For a number of users, it is also a way to stay connected with their loved ones and coworkers. Although they may not be in the same room or state, they can still communicate in their own way. It can also be a way for them to find out about medical services in their area. Should a chiropractor set up a Facebook account, they will be able to talk to patients directly. Should somebody have a question they can have it answered right away. There is less room for confusion and dissatisfaction for all involved. Patients appreciate these personalized, human connections when they’re looking for a doctor.