Why You Need to Have a Chiropractic Website

September 27, 2011

The Internet has become a platform for commerce and information unlike any other technology that the world has ever known. Nearly 2 billion people access the Internet regularly, making it exponentially more effective for marketing over traditional printed media. Many patients now use the Internet as their primary method of finding a doctor so having a website is an important way to draw in potential patients. However, not all websites are equal. There are a few points to remember before making a leap into the world of Internet marketing.

Creating a functional and creative chiropractic website that attracts Internet users is part art and part science. The difference between being placed on the first page of search results and the second can be the difference between a million unique visitors per week and thousand. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of designing a website to rank well on these search engines.

The ideal websites are those that rank highly, have a professional and simple design, and engage visitors to take action. This requires a human touch that "template" websites simply cannot provide. Small additions like chiropractor bios lend credibility to a website as well as boost its Internet visibility.

Another key feature to Internet marketing is social media. Facebook and other social media sites have hundreds of millions of registered users so have become one of the most effective components of any online marketing campaign. Promotional pages on Facebook that focus on honest, person-to-person interactions can draw in thousands of dedicated and loyal patients with minimal effort.

These are just a handful of ways to create an Internet presence for your chiropractic practice. Potential patients will be drawn to sites with a simple design, good content, links to social media, and an accessible call to action.