How To: Double Your Conversions

November 14, 2011

Sample Video

Many of the clients I coach share a common problem -- they're receiving plenty of website traffic but aren't converting anyone into patients. High-conversion rates are the holy grail of online marketing and I'm going to share with you a simple strategy that can double the number of people who convert into patients. But before I start, I want to provide you with some basic statistics:

  • Zappos reported up to a 30% increase in sales by following this strategy...
  • increased their conversion rates by 400%...
  • saw a 44% increase in online sales...
  • According to ComScore, this strategy consistently increases conversions by 64%...
  • Visual Web Optimizer reports a 46% increase in conversions using this technique...
So what the heck is it?!
High-quality videos on your website will double your conversion rates. Having high-quality videos on your website builds trust with prospective patients by giving them an opportunity to get to know you. It keeps them engaged for a few minutes, alleviates their concerns, demonstrates your expertise, and makes you stand out from the crowd. Here's why video is so successful...
93% of communication is physical
- Dr Albert Mehrabian, UCLA
Only 7% of communication comes from words themselves. The remainder comes from the sound of your voice (38%) and your facial expressions (55%). Which means that patients are losing 93% of your message when you don't include video on your website!

How to create your own video:

Making your own video doesn't have to be a daunting process. You're never going to have the fancy production values of a professional video team, but that's okay! You can start creating your own high quality videos for under $500 with little or no experience. Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase an inexpensive camcorder (here's a good one).
  2. Download Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie (Mac). Try Final Cut X if you're feeling bold.
  3. Buy an entry-level light kit, like this one.
  4. Watch a tutorial on 3-point lighting.
  5. Shoot, edit, and upload your first video!
Your first time through will be rough and maybe even a little frustrating, but the process will become second nature in no time. Just focus on getting high-quality light and clean sound, everything else can be fixed during the editing process. If you're ever in doubt, check YouTube, there are literally thousands of fantastic tutorials available there for free.

How to work with professionals:

Okay, so you think this article is a great idea but you don't have the time or energy to learn to produce your own videos. There are plenty of professional videographers and studios who can do the work for you. The quality of these professionals varies dramatically from downright sloppy and overpriced to meticulous and professional. Generally speaking, I recommend that you avoid any video production studios because they're going to pass on the cost of their overhead and they often crank out sub-par videos. My advice is to seek out an aspiring film director or college student. They're going to work twice as hard and for half the price. Just make sure you give them very clear direction about how you want the final product to look and who your target audience is.

On the flip side, you can always hire our video crew! We'd be more than happy to take the weekend off, shoot your videos on location, and provided personalized coaching and direction. Pricing is dependent on time of year and how close your office is to the tropics. Hawaiian shoots can be done for cost plus margaritas.

Good luck and be sure to share your videos with us!

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