Making Your Site Personal – Showing Patients What Makes You Unique

January 28, 2013

The Internet is one of the most widely accessed mediums of information today. Just by having your own website, you have made a way for millions of people to see what type of business you run. Your potential patients can now see your practice at the convenience of their own time and choosing. Whether it is at home resting or at the office while on break. By making your website, you have put your name and business out in the world for all to see.

That is the first step in successfully marketing your practice. The second part is giving them the right message. Showing your skills and the benefits they get when hiring you, should be next on the to-do list. Making your image unique and trustworthy earns you a memorable mental bookmark people remember when they need the services you provide.

The search is on

The first approach you should take in marketing yourself is optimizing your content to show up on the world’s premier search engine, Google. Combining useful information on topics such as “lower back pain” and “pinched nerves” with useful keywords can launch your site to the top of Google’s search results. This will then lead to more traffic on your site and more potential client views.

Keywords are most effective when repeated and used in a write up that is geared to answer their questions. When your articles and information leads to the patients getting the information they need, it increases the chance of them going to you as the source of their answers. This can lead to repeated visits to your website and spreading it’s popularity.

The power of face value

Another tactic that is critical to winning patients over is the personal approach of video. Connecting your voice and face to your business can be crucial in gaining people’s trust. Since your practice is all about taking care of a person’s physical health, show them just how you would do it if you were to meet in person. This can be done through an example tutorial on how you would help a patient, gain relief from pain.

Interviewing your current patients and asking their help in endorsing you via video testimonial can also be an effective medium. People want to know other’s perspective of you and how you have helped them. Patients vouching for your credibility and abilities can go a long way in positive advertisement.

These two examples are just a few of the many ways you can use your website to show off your uniqueness. There are a multitude of other options such as blogging and social networking, that can further your connection to your patients. Your website is a very powerful tool of communication. It can lead to a vast client network and become a cornerstone for your business. It is both an effective and economic alternative that is essential today.