The Importance of Building Links to Your Chiropractic Website

January 28, 2013

Inbound links are like a voting system for websites. If you have good inbound links to your web pages, the search engines see that as a positive vote, and your website will rank higher in the search engine results. The trouble is, many business owners misunderstand link building, and do pointless activities that will not make much difference to their website search results.

You do not need to make the same mistakes. If you get your inbound link campaign right, it will make a huge difference to the position your chiropractic website ranks in the search engine results.

Variety is Important

In link building, not all votes are equally important. The search engines want to see votes coming from a variety of different places, not just from one source. This makes a lot of sense. It is comparable to having a panel of judges in a competition. The search engines want to know that a several people think your website is great, not just one person.

With this in mind, resist the temptation to submit dozens of link containing articles to an article directory, or commenting on hundreds of blog posts with links to your chiropractic website in your signature.


Quality is another important aspect of link building. The quality of site that you get your link from determines the weighting search engines give to the link. The search engines determine quality in several ways. The length of time the site linking to you has been in existence is important. The quality of the content on that website, and the number of good quality inbound links the site has also gives it more importance.


Quality is important but search engines like Google also take the relevance of the link into account. For example, if your friend has an excellent quality online fishing store, and he links an article about “fly fishing techniques” to your article about “natural remedies for pain relief”, Google are not going to see that as relevant. They want to see links from articles with related topics. If the link contains the keywords you used in your article that is even better.


If you gather links at a rapid pace, the search engines will suspect suspicious activity. While it may be tempting to pay someone to go out and get you a couple of hundred links in one week, it is not worth it. Google want to see natural inbound links coming to your site over time. If your website is doing something that makes it look like you are trying to cheat the system, your whole website could disappear from their search engine results.

Outbound Links

Once you have a great link building campaign going, do not jeopardize everything by linking out to poor quality websites. You should link to other websites. Both your readers and the search engines appreciate links to excellent quality, relevant information. But linking out to poor quality, irrelevant websites will affect how your chiropractic website ranks in search engines results.

Developing a link building strategy does not need to be complicated, but it does save time. Like any other marketing activity, it may be worth outsourcing your link building, while you focus on building your business.