Inquiring Chiropractors Want to Know: How Influential Are Online Reviews?

April 02, 2013

Inquiring Chiropractors Want to Know: How Influential Are Online Reviews?study from Opinion Research, with findings recently published on, revealed an overwhelming statistic to persuade those who aren't yet convinced that online reviews are influential:

More than 80% of all online consumers said that online reviews influenced their decisions about whom to do business with.

The survey also asked users if they post feedback or reviews, and 32% confirmed they do. In other words, a minority of vocal consumers have a major impact over the majority of consumers' decisions.

Reviews- both positive and negative- are simply a reality for chiropractic offices in today's market. Linda Shea, SVP and Global Managing Director of Customer Services for Opinion Research, said, "Businesses today exist in an era in which it's nearly impossible to escape the likelihood of being evaluated-- there's nowhere to hide."

Considering these numbers, it is crucial that your office be listed in online review directories such as Yelp and Google Plus Local. Your website should include links to your office's page on each of these as well.

Interactive blogs and discussion boards on your site also offer your patients an opportunity to review your chiropractic services.

We have also posted about the power of video testimonials to address the needs of that 80% looking for public opinion before making a decision.

However you go about it, it is wise to consider online reviews in your chiropractic marketing plan. Our marketing and website experts are here to discuss all aspects of your chiropractic marking campaign, so feel free to contact us.