Save the Earth! Be a Chiropractor.

May 23, 2013

Save the Earth! Be a Chiropractor. Photo by Dreamstime

Global consciousness is more than just a fashionable trend. The general population seems to have a grasp on environmental issues. Whether we thank Al Gore or other resources, people understand more about decreasing our carbon footprints and "going green," as the saying goes. It is a concept that is important in the minds of people worldwide; the slogan "Think globally and act locally" is not something that will simply go away (and I for one hope it doesn't).

The green movement is also a source of marketing and revenue for many businesses. As a chiropractor, you are in a unique position of not only helping your local community, but also helping the earth through your practice.

While many of us have considered our vehicles, homes, appliances, and light bulbs in our efforts to do our part, many have not thought about going green with healthcare options. Maybe as a chiropractor, you can help change that.

Chiropractors support natural healing. They see their patients as human beings. Rather than turn to chemical intervention and scalpels, they teach their patients to be in harmony with the elements of healing.

Some research suggests that in healthcare, our world has been "over-cleaned" with antiseptics, harming our immune responses and creating super bugs like MRSA. And over-prescribing antibiotics has led to drug- resistant organisms, turning what was once a simple and easy-to-fix infection into something that can actually kill people.

Additional ecological impacts made by traditional healthcare include water pollution, as a result of pharmaceutical products leaking into our earth and ground water. Additionally, many health-care practices and packing materials for medications create waste that clogs our landfills. The process of putting health-care products on the market can also lead to an excessive carbon footprint.

As a chiropractor, you can help spread the message that healthcare focused on products is bad for the environment. Instead, teach your patients and prospects about their individual powers to heal. Just like the population now knows that petroleum is harmful and solar energy is renewable, so can they learn to embrace the concepts of green healthcare.

So, it may be time to look at your website wearing a pair of "green-colored goggles," if you will. Does your website design reflect your ecological consciousness? Don't be afraid to market your chiropractic practice for its environmental sustainability and focus on nature, in addition to all the other great things you do healing patients and improving lives.


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