Sacramento Chiropractic Marketing

October 14, 2013

Sacramento is a market that's available for our exclusive VIP Chiropractic Marketing Program. Learn about our service here.

Sacramento is the 25th largest metropolitan region in the US, and the 4th largest city in California. The total population for the Sacramento area is about 2 million and Sacramento has about 544 chiropractors. It's a very competitive area for chiropractors, and ranking well in Sacramento is going to take some work.

Let's look at the most common searches related to Sacramento Chiropractor:

[table caption="Sacramento Chiropractor" width="600" colwidth="50%|25%|25%" colalign="left|center|center|center"]
Search Term,Monthly Searches,CPC Cost,Competitiveness
chiropractor sacramento,210,$5.24,0.98
chiropractic neurologist,170,$1.76,0.52
capital chiropractic,110,$10.18,0.13
wellness center sacramento,46,$1.42,0.15
san ramon chiropractor,36,$8.77,0.8
sacramento chiropractors,36,$5.20,0.84
chiropractor san ramon ca,22,$7.42,0.89
best doctors in sacramento,22,$3.52,0.52
chiropractic sacramento,22,$5.25,0.75
neurologist chiropractor,16,$2.27,0.8

As we can see, there are a healthy number of searches for chiropractors in Sacramento, and the cost of each click isn't bad, either, at just $5.24 a click. A careful AdWords strategy could be very effective in Sacramento.

Strategy for Sacramento

There are some real opportunities here. For instance, the top two listings for Sacramento Chiropractor are Yelp, indicating a pretty weak search ranking for real chiropractic sites. In addition, the top listing of a real chiropractic clinic has mostly "nofollow" backlinks or links from their own sites.


Sacramento is a competitive market, but there are some great opportunities to rank well for the most competitive phrases and keywords. For more analysis about marketing your chiropractic office in Sacramento, give us a call at (800) 295-3346 or email us at