San Diego Chiropractic Marketing

October 13, 2013

San Diego is a market that's available for our exclusive VIP Chiropractic Marketing Program. Learn about our service here.

Here is the latest marketing report that we've done for a San Diego chiropractor.

San Diego is the eighth largest metropolitan region in the US, and the 2nd largest city in California. The total population for San Diego county is about 3.2 million and there are approximately 883 chiropractors practicing in the county. It's a very competitive area for chiropractors, and ranking well in San Diego is going to take some work.

Let's look at the most common searches related to San Diego Chiropractor:

[table caption="San Diego Chiropractic Marketing" width="600" colwidth="50%|25%|25%" colalign="left|center|center|center"]
Search Term,Monthly Searches,CPC Cost,Competitiveness

chiropractor san diego,1000,$5.80,0.91
chiropractic biophysics,320,$7.24,0.34
san diego chiropractic,260,$6.40,0.82
chiropractic san diego,210,$5.85,0.4
neck pain san diego,170,$0.10,0.12
chiropractor in san diego,170,$6.21,0.97
san diego chiropractors,140,$6.30,1
best doctors in san diego,91,$5.91,0.59
la jolla chiropractor,73,$4.71,0.86
chiropractors san diego,73,$5.64,0.98
chiropractor la jolla,73,$5.34,0.93
hillcrest chiropractic,58,$1.73,0.11
massage mira mesa,58,$2.40,0.65
alternative medicine san diego,46,$2.65,0.84
pacific beach chiropractor,28,$4.91,0.61
sports injury chiropractor,28,$3.99,0.77
chiropractic posture,22,$8.69,0.32
chiropractic school san diego,22,$5.04,0.98
chiropractor pacific beach,22,$3.98,0.75
mira mesa chiropractor,22,$5.21,0.92
seaside san diego,22,$2.76,0.17
the best chiropractors,22,$6.19,0.87
san diego rehabilitation centers,16,$30.34,1
sports injury chiropractic,12,$5.92,0.64
back pain relief center,12,$6.49,0.88
miramar chiropractor,12,$5.05,0.68
chiropractic and sports injuries,5,$5.47,0.6
chiropractor sports injuries,5,$3.45,0.82
chiropractic sports injuries,5,$11.22,0.56
chiropractic sports injury,5,$15.08,0.54
san diego alternative medicine,5,$1.88,0.79

There are also a lot of searches for chiropractors in surrounding cities:

[table caption="Surrounding Cities Key Phrases" width="600" colwidth="50%|25%|25%" colalign="left|center|center"]
Search Term,Population,Monthly Searches,CPC Cost

Chula Vista Chiropractor,243\,916,104,$5.43
Oceanside Chiropractor,183\,095,91,$4.09
Escondido Chiropractor,143\,911,28,$5.21
Carlsbad Chiropractor,105\,328,73,$8.36
El Cajon Chiropractor,99\,478,217,$4.63
Vista Chiropractor,93\,834,46,$2.65
San Marcos Chiropractor,83\,781,36,$9.72
Encinitas Chiropractor,59\,518,397,$10.34
La Mesa Chiropractor,57\,065,91,$5.41



From this research, we can see that PPC isn't too expensive for many cities. Targeting your specific patient base is going to involve creating content that's laser-targeted on the patients you're trying to reach.

For more analysis about marketing your chiropractic clinic in San Diego, give us a call at (800) 295-3346 or email us at