Focusing Your Marketing

March 26, 2014

[one_half last="no"]When you're developing your online marketing strategy, you need to first focus on the types of patients you're trying to attract, as this will determine the rest of your work.

If you're looking for auto injury patients, you'll want to focus your content marketing strategy on the most common symptoms associated with whiplash injuries.

If you're focusing on wellness care, you'll need a different approach. You'll want to focus less on symptoms and more on general health issues, nutrition, and staying healthy.

The key is to think like your patients. What kinds of articles or blog posts would they enjoy reading? What kinds of questions do they have about their health? How can you answer those questions?[/one_half][one_third last="yes"][/one_third]

Too often, we think about what's important to us. But that's often not what's important to your patients. You might have some new technique that you've been studying that you're very excited about, and it's our tendency to want to talk about the things that are new and exciting. Your patients, however, are only in interested in themselves: "How can YOU help ME?"

If you have any questions about marketing your practice, check out our Complete Guide to Chiropractic Marketing.