Your Google Ranking and Panda 4.0

May 23, 2014

Google is continuously modifying their search formulas and they’re usually making adjustments every week. Their goal is to deliver high quality search queries and to filter out spam, and non-unique articles and blog posts. If people find that Google provides good search results, then more people will keep using Google for searches.

Just a few days ago, Google announced that they have released a major update to their search algorithm, Panda 4. And from the early reports we're receiving, many websites are seeing shifts in their search placement. For example, since May 19th, Ebay has seen a 50% drop in traffic.

This major upgrade is affecting about 7% of the current search rankings, so it’s important to check both your ranking placement and your analytics reports to see if you're experiencing any drop-off in traffic from Panda. If you need help with diagnosing problems with your site, we can help with that. Contact us for assistance.

Ethical SEO

These latest Google changes bring up an important issue. The sites that have been hurt the most from Panda 4.0 (and other updates) are those that use shady or “blackhat” SEO methods. These include spam content, paid backlinks, or poor quality blog comments.

It’s our philosophy that these kinds of approaches aren’t worth the problems they cause. Sure, you might get a short-term boost, but it’s better to play by the rules and focus on creating valuable, informative, credible content and links that will pay dividends for years.

Ethical techniques include:

  • Original articles and blog posts. Don't use boilerplate content that you find online. Write your own stuff (or have us write it for you).
  • Citation building. Build your site's credibility by getting listed in all the major directories.
  • Viral posts. Create content that people want to share and link to.
  • Social media integration. Get your site linked up with the major social media players.

Real marketing can't be accomplished without real work. Sorry. That's just how the world works. But if you do the job right from Day 1, you won't have to worry about an algorithm change that tank your search placement!

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