The Value of #1 Placement in Google

July 13, 2014

If your chiropractic website isn't ranking in the top three positions on Google, don't expect to get high traffic from organic search results. Sure, you can pay for results with AdWords, but that can be costly and doesn't do anything for the long term. In this article, we're going to show how adding content to your chiropractic website can:

  • Enhance your organic search placement
  • Improve your Google Local Business ranking
  • Amplify site traffic
  • Increase the number of new patients

St Louis Chiropractor Case Study

Dr. Mark Holland came to us late in 2013. He runs a busy personal injury practice in a major metropolitan area and was unhappy with his search ranking and poor traffic numbers.

As part of our VIP Chiropractic Marketing Service, we did the following:

  • Performed extensive keyword analysis and research
  • Conducted a competitive analysis of other chiropractors in St Louis
  • Developed a content strategy
  • Created a citation-building plan
  • Optimized his site and social media services

As soon as we start any marketing campaign, we begin tracking site visitors, search results, and rankings so that we have a baseline of data. We share these reports with our clients so that they can see tangible signs of results.

Here's a graph that shows the search ranking for Dr. Holland over time:

Chiropractic SEO Marketing

When we began our campaign, the site was ranking for about six keywords or phrases, but they were all on the second page of the Google search results. As you know, if you're not in top three positions, it's going to be tough for patients to find your site.

By June, Dr.Holland's website ranked for 20 tracked key phrases, with four of those in the top three positions. Furthermore, the site ranked number one for "St Louis Chiropractic" and a number of auto injury terms. The Google Business listing also improved, hovering between spots one or two on Google Maps.

As you can imagine, this boost in the search rankings directly correlated with increased site traffic. Here's a graph showing the number of visitors to Dr. Holland's site:

[visualizer id="2057"] 

As you can see, traffic was at about 4,000 visits per month (December) when we began our work and hit 9,833 in June of 2014 — a 141% increase in traffic over the six months of our work.

We saw the same kinds of improvements in organic traffic directly from Google:

[visualizer id="2060"] 

We brought the site from 178 search visits in October to 417 search visits in June, an increase of 134%.

Our "Secret" Approach

Our "secret" actually isn't a secret; it was hard work. For Dr. Holland we did the following:

  • Created keyword targeted original content.
  • Shared that content on social media
  • Optimized the site for Google+ and Google search
  • Built citations that verified the doctor's NAP data

Dr. Holland is a great client, because he understands the concept of ROI: It takes money to build a solid, credible search presence, but it also drives way more traffic and generates way more patients. For instance, if a new auto injury patient is worth $10,000 to your practice, the cost of a good marketing campaign is trivial in comparison to the profit from new business.

If you're tired of your site's poor performance, we might be able to help. We work with one chiropractic clinic per city, and we have a proven track record of enabling chiropractors rank better and get more patients.

Give us a call or contact us here for more information.