65 New Patients for July

August 03, 2014

Free Chiropractic marketing analysisWe began working with Dr. Jim Sweeney of Nashville in March, 2014. Dr. Sweeney was having difficult getting his site to the top of the search rankings and knew we had a great reputation in helping some of his colleagues.

His goal was to increase his organic search ranking and drive more traffic to his site.

As we can see from his recent Facebook post, he's delighted with the work we've done for him:

Chiropractic marketing success

For Dr. Sweeney, we've put together a marketing strategy that focuses on the elements proven to drive traffic and boost search results:

  • Original article and blog writing (Google loves content and you have to keep Google happy!)
  • Citation building with the major directories (see our article on the importance of NAP and citations).
  • A viral post that gets people sharing his content and linking to his site. The post we created for him in July received 113 Facebook likes and resulted in over 700 page views to his site over two days.
  • Google+ optimization to make sure he's targeting the correct keywords for his target patient.
  • Daily social media posting to help engage with people in Nashville.

Increasing Traffic = More New Patients

It's a simple equation: if you get better placement in the search engines, more people are going to find your practice online, and (if you have a great website) you'll get more new patients.

Here's the graph of unique site visitors that Dr. Sweeney has gotten in Nashville since we've started running his marketing program:

Boosting chiropractic site traffic

From March to July, we've increased traffic to Dr. Sweeney's site 125%, and that's in just four months of work.

Building site ranking and converting visitors into new patients isn't magic: it takes hard work. And that's what we do for our clients. We use proven, real techniques that build your website's credibility, get you closer and closer to #1 in the search rankings and Google Local Business, and get you new patients. Just like we did for Dr. Sweeney.

Need More from Your Chiropractic Site?

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