Another Chiropractic Marketing Success Story

August 04, 2014

In March 2014, Dr. William Palmer of Depew, New York came to us looking for help. He had hired an "SEO expert" for help with his marketing, but was very disappointed in the results. They couldn't explain what work they were doing and, worst of all, he saw no improvement in his site ranking or the number of new patients he was getting into his office.

Dr. Palmer's goal was ambitious: he first wanted to dominate the search rankings for his city of Depew, which is a few miles to the east of Buffalo, NY. Once he managed that, he wanted to start targeting his marketing on surrounding cities.

We started him off with getting him on our new N8 Site Builder, because his site desperately needed a redesign and basic SEO functionality. We also got him set up with a chiropractic blog, as he didn't have one with his previous website hosting company.

Increasing Chiropractic Traffic

When we did our initial site evaluation and analysis, we found that Dr. Palmer's site was ranking very poorly organically. For his priority search terms, he was on page five or worse. That means that patients would have to click through to five pages of Google results to find Dr. Palmer. Most people don't scroll past the first 1-3 results on the first page, so you can imagine how low his site traffic was before he started our program.

Here's how Dr. Palmer's traffic has grown since we started his marketing plan:

Chiropractic marketing growth

In March and April, he was seeing 150-201 unique site visits a month. It took us a while to get his site upgraded and start building content, but we had that going by the end of April, and we can see that there was an immediate traffic boost from our efforts.

Improving Google Local Business Results

Again, when people are looking for a chiropractor, they're going to click on the first few results in Google. The increase in traffic above is directly linked to the improvement in search results we achieved for the doctor. Here's a graph showing his Google maps positioning from March to July, 2014:

Chiropractic marketing results

Being at the top of the search results for "Depew Chiropractor" made a huge difference in his traffic and the number of new patients he was getting in each month.

How Did We Do It?

Our business philosophy is built on transparency and documentation. We tell you exactly what we're going to do and then we document each step of the way to show you what we've done for you and when we did it. We then show you the results, so you can make sure that we're working hard for you.

What we did for Dr. Palmer is the same that we've done for our other chiropractic clients:

  • Created a steady stream of original content that was keyword targeted to the kinds of patients Dr. Palmer wanted to see in his office.
  • Kept his social media services active with daily content.
  • Built citations and directory listings for the doctor to build credibility for his Google Local Business listing.
  • Sent out custom-designed viral content that was shared by over 110 people.

There is no secret to any of this, but there is a lot of work. If you have the time and knowledge, you can do this work yourself. But if you're like Dr. Palmer, you'd rather spend your time helping patients than tracking down backlinks or writing dozens of articles every month.

We Can Help You, Too

You don't have be stuck on page 5 of the search results. We can help.

The first step is to determine where you are now with your online marketing strategy. You can get your Free Chiropractic Marketing Analysis here, which will give us a good picture of how much work will be involved.

If you have questions about our service, please give Jeremiah a call today at (800) 295-3346.