Telling the World About Chiropractic

August 27, 2014

Spread the word about chiropracticAlthough chiropractic has many proven benefits, nearly 90% of Americans have never been to a chiropractor and are unfamiliar with how chiropractic can help them improve their health naturally and non-invasively.

And for those people who do understand the effectiveness of chiropractic, many think that its benefits are limited to back pain. This is a shame, because chiropractic has been shown to be safer than medical care, less expensive than medical interventions, and equally (or more effective) in many cases.

So, how do we spread the word about how awesome chiropractic is?

The modern web and social media provide us with some powerful tools that we can use to reach people in our communities:

  • The first and most important component is your chiropractic website. A well-designed site with good content can make it easy for people to find answers to their health problems. For instance, for one of our clients, we put together a page with all of the benefits of chiropractic that shows up in the Google search results for Boca Raton, FL. Now, when people are searching for a solution to sciatica, headaches, fibromyalgia, or any of the other things that chiropractic is good for, they're going to find Dr. Pachter's site.
  • Video. Video is incredibly powerful, but underutilized by many chiropractors because creating video costs money and time. With modern cell phones, you can actually create your own videos fairly easily, but it still takes time and most doctors don't feel comfortable doing this. With ChiroHosting, we provide a complete library of chiropractic videos that are included with your website, so you don't have to bother with video production. However, our N8 Site Builder allows you to easily add your own videos, too.
  • Facebook gives provides chiropractors with a powerful tool to tell people about chiropractic. The most effective way to do this is to start building followers among your patients, and then regularly post information about the benefits of chiropractic to your followers. By keeping your clinic in the minds of your patients, you're going to make it very easy for them to share your Facebook posts with their friends and family. Because Facebook takes work to keep active, we provide our Automated Chiropractic Social Media program.
  • Facebook advertising is another powerful tool that most chiropractors don't utilize. Did you know that with Facebook, you can laser target your ads to reach people in certain geographic areas or zip codes, you can target men or women, people of a specific age, and even people with specific interests? For instance, you can target people who "like" chiropractic or who have expressed an interest in health conditions. You can even target pregnant women, if you want to provide wellness care for expecting moms!

All of these are powerful ways to spread the word about what you do and how you can help. Some doctors have the time to do this work themselves, but many don't and that's why we provide our VIP Chiropractic Marketing Program. With our program, we take care of everything above for you so you can focus on being a chiropractor and not a marketing guru!

If you have questions about our website service or marketing program, give us a call or contact us here
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