More Website Traffic = More New Patients

September 30, 2014

The whole point of having a chiropractic website for your clinic is to get new patients, but many sites don't do that job well. One of the biggest problems we see with many sites is that they have poor placement in the search rankings and the coveted Google Local search display. If your site isn't in the Google Local listings or is on page three of the search results, it's going to be tough for patients to find you and you're not going to get many phone calls from your website.

One of our success stories is Dr. Barry Hitchock of Athens, Georgia. He called us up about six months ago, needing help with his marketing. His site was very low in the Google Local results and he wasn't getting any calls.

We started a program for him that:

  • Added original articles and blog posts to his site
  • Added custom directory citations to build his Local Search credibility
  • Shared his content on the major social media platforms
  • Created a viral post for him that drove traffic and garnered backlinks to his site

The custom program we've put together is already working, as we can see from the site traffic to Dr. Hitchcock's site:

Chiropractic patient marketing

In May when we started the program, Dr. Hitchcock's site only had 60 visitors; in September, we're up to 517. That's 8 times the visitors!

In addition, his search ranking is steadily improving and he's on the first page of Google search.

Improving your site's ranking isn't magic, but it does take hard work. If you would like more from your web presence, we'd be happy to provide a free consultation where we look at your current marketing efforts and create a plan for improvement. Just give Jeremiah a call at (800) 295-3346 or contact us here for more information.

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