5 Keys to a Successful Chiropractic Website

June 08, 2015

A successful chiropractic website is there to perform one basic function: get you new patients. A great website for your practice will:

  • Show your patients how you can help them improve their health
  • Make your business look professional and credible
  • Prominently display your phone and address
  • Provide an easy contact form for those who want information by email
  • Provide content that patients can use to educate themselves about chiropractic

A few years ago, a chiropractic website was a pretty simple thing: you could have a static page or two about your practice and that was adequate for SEO and patient generation. Now things are a bit more complicated. The modern website is linked to a variety of other services and patient expectations are higher.

Your patients expect a professional, modern site. Today, that includes the following:

  1. Your site has to be responsive. A responsive website is one that works on all devices, including phones and tablets. In fact, with the Google Mobile update on April 21, if your site isn't responsive, it won't show up in mobile search results. Poor search results = Less exposure and less traffic to your site. All of our ChiroHosting sites are completely mobile ready.
  2. You need video. Today's internet is about media and video and it's a great way to show your patients the benefits of chiropractic. ChiroHosting provides a complete library of over 80 videos that are included with every one of our websites.
  3. You need articles. Many of your patients are looking for detailed information about their health and why they should visit a chiropractor. If you can provide quality information to your patients about the benefits of chiropractic, they'll be much more likely to call and make an appointment. ChiroHosting has you covered with over 890 chiropractic articles.
  4. Social media integration. The modern chiropractic website is the hub of your chiropractic marketing wheel, and you need to link that with your other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We make that integration easy with our N8 Site Builder.
  5. Google Local Business linkage. Getting your practice in Google Local Business (Google Maps) is critical. When your patients are searching for a chiropractor in your area, the first thing they're going to see is the Local Business Listings. With ChiroHosting, we get you linked up to your Google Local profile which verifies your business information.

If your site has those basic components, you'll have all you need to work on building your web presence. And ChiroHosting provides all of this for just $49.95 a month.

Of course, if you work in a large city with a lot of other chiropractors, you'll need to do more work to boost your traffic and site ranking. That will include blogging, citation building, and maybe even some PPC advertising. (We can help you with that, too! Check out our Chiropractic Marketing Success Stories.)

If you're ready to improve your chiropractic website, give us a call today at (800) 295-3346.