Facebook Fan Pages for Your Chiropractic Clinic

July 23, 2012

If you are not sure of how to use social media to promote your chiropractic website, you should consider a Facebook fan page. For a start, it is free to set up a fan page and it gives you access to a vast number of existing and potential clients. Digital marketing experts, iCrossing predict that the number of Facebook users will hit 1 billion by August 2012.

A Facebook fan page is:

  • Simple to Set Up
  • Customizable
  • A Free Way to Market Your Business
  • Enables You to Interact With Clients and Answer Questions
  • A Great Way to Build Brand Loyalty by Offering Exclusive Deals to Your Fans

To make the most of your Facebook fan page, you may want to get a designer to customize it for you so that your brand stands out as much as possible. This is unlikely to cost the earth, and once you have a professional Facebook fan page in place, it is a free way to market your business and connect with your clients.

Once your Facebook fan page is set up, use every opportunity you can to get people to “like” your page. Don’t forget to ask employees and friends to like your page. That way, their friends will also be exposed to your page and will be inclined to “like” it, if they are interested in your chiropractic services. You could also consider offering incentives and discounts to new fans. A small discount or gift is nothing when you consider that your Facebook fan page is free.

Add a Facebook “like” button to your website too. Browsers who may forget to come back to your website will remember to return, if they see your updates on Facebook. Make sure you link your fan page to your Chiropractic website, and if you have a blog, link to your posts from your fan page.

Your Facebook fan page is fully customizable and you have the option to add opinion polls and daily questions. It is worth making good use of these tools, as they are a great way to get valuable feedback from clients and potential clients, plus they encourage your fans to interact with you.

Finally, if you do decide to create a Facebook fan page, make sure you update it regularly. Nothing will make people hit the unlike button faster than a page that is never updated. If you don’t have time to update and manage your Facebook fan page you could outsource the task.