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June 12, 2018


Successful chiropractic marketing consists of many different components: a great website, quality citations, and an active social media presence are just a few of the pieces. Another important piece of the puzzle is Online Review Building.

Referrals: The Gold Standard of Practice-Building

Nothing can compete with a happy patient telling a friend or family member about how you were able to help them recover from an injury. People respond to stories and they listen when someone they trust tells them to call your office for help.

While online reviews aren’t as powerful as a friend’s direct referral, they come close. And some new research shows that prospective patients actually verify their friend’s referral with online reviews.

A recent survey done by looked at how people used the web and online reviews to find a doctor. The results confirm what most chiropractors already know:

  • 80% of patients use the web to find a healthcare provider.
  • 63% are more likely to choose a doctor if they have a strong web presence (citations, website, social media). Basically, the more exposure you have online, the more credibility you have. Patient seem to think that if they see you everywhere, you must be good!
  • 81% of patients seek out online reviews, even if they’ve been referred by a friend.
  • 90% will change their opinion of your practice, based upon the reviews. It doesn’t matter if you a friend refers to your office if you have bad online reviews or zero reviews.
  • 74% of people will choose one doctor over another because of negative reviews.

Google Loves Reviews

Another reason why reviews are so important is your Google ranking. If you search for chiropractors in your city, you’ll see that Google shows a “pack” of local doctors at the top of the page. This is a highly coveted position, as most people are going to choose one of those top doctors. While there are many factors involved with getting your practice listed there, good reviews are critical. Google isn’t going to list a practice with 1 star reviews; it wants to provide searchers with the best doctor in their area.

Analyzing Your Review Profile

In future articles, we’ll talk about ways to improve your online reviews, but the first step is to check your current Online Review Profile here:


Use our free tool to determine where you have reviews and where you need improvement.

If you have any questions about building online reviews, call us at (800) 295-3346 and talk with one of our SEO experts. We’re here to help!