Things You Must Have on Your Chiropractic Website

July 13, 2012

To keep new visitors on your chiropractic website for more than a few seconds, and turn them into patients, there are a few things that you must have on your site.


Many businesses ignore the importance of the biography/about section of their site and throw something brief together, or make it so boring that nobody wants to read it. And this is a huge mistake. People like to buy from real people, not faceless corporations. So this section of your website is your chance to connect with your readers, and give them a reason to want to become your customer.

The best biography/about sections tell an interesting story. And if you are struggling to come up with something compelling yourself, it is worth appointing a good copywriter to do it for you. You can also find some great examples online, to help you generate ideas.


Pictures make a story come to life. So include plenty of them on your website. In addition to images of you and your staff, include images of your business premises. In fact, wherever there is writing on your site, try to include a good quality, related image. Try to use real photos, rather thank stock photos. You want to be authentic.


The popularity of YouTube shows that people love to watch videos. A video of your business premises could work well. Or consider making short videos of yourself giving advice on useful relevant topics. You could also include a video introducing yourself, explaining your services and what a new client can expect on their first visit to your premises. This makes your site personal and introduces you to potential patients.

You'll also want a complete library of chiropractic videos on your site. These are a great way to educate patients about the benefits of chiropractic.

Useful Content

You should add useful and relevant content to your website on a regular basis, both for search engine optimization purposes and to keep visitors coming back to your chiropractic website. A blog is a great way to add content quickly and easily. As part of our chiropractic website service, your chiropractic website includes a blog. Beyond providing helpful content for your clients and potential patients, regularly blogging is a proven way to help build your search engine ranking.


If you want to attract customers to use your service, add a map and clear directions to show them how to get to your clinic. Remember to add directions for all modes of transport, including car, bus and train. And remember to let your readers know whether you have private car parking and the nearest places to park. It is also useful to include a picture of your premises, and the street to make it easier for visitors to find you.