5 Tips for Writing Your Service Page

August 29, 2019

Did you know that your services page is usually the most viewed page of your website? If you are passionate about your chiropractic business then the correct layout and appropriate content for your services page can generate more views and potentially new clients. To get started, read on!

Writing a Service Page That Converts!

All the tips you need to do to get your chiropractic website services page to shine!

1. Break the Ice

The best first step is to give an overview of all of your services either within a paragraph or bullet list form. Next, follow it up with a more detailed description of these services.

To leave a strong impression on your future patients, highlight the benefits that they will experience while under your chiropractic care. Appeal directly to the reader by addressing their needs and pain issues, and tell them how you can help resolve them.

2. Explain Your Ideal Patient

Connect the dots for your patients. Discuss your ideal patient and site examples of the type of patients you've had that have benefited from your services. Feel free to reference past patients by asking for their permission.

Include a section that states "This is for you if..." so, your chiropractic patients can quickly surf through the content and discover if your services are worthy of their particular chiropractic needs.

3. Let Patients Read Your Testimonials and Reviews

Place a small section in your services page to show happy patient reviews. Be sure they come from a third party source like Facebook, Google, etc. Patients read what others say when the testimonials are not controlled by you. Reviews assure confidence and respect for you when reading about success stories from real people.

After reading your testimonials, potentials patients will know what to expect and feel much likelier to make an appointment. If you feel like you do not have enough room on your services page for testimonials and reviews then create a link that will lead your patients to them.

4. Be Transparent About Your Prices

In some studies, patients may leave your website if there is no mention of cost. Although it's best to give out specific pricing, you can mention a price range for your chiropractic services. This will help avoid wasting yours and potential patients time who may not be able to afford your services!

5. Put in Your CALL-TO-ACTION Button

Now that you have successfully laid out your services and how patients have benefited from your chiropractic abilities, place the button that says, "Make an Appointment" or "Free Consultation Now". Provide simple, additional information for your patients on how to proceed so you can get their contact information.

From there, you do what you do best!


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