Getting More Online Patient Reviews

September 26, 2018

Patient reviews are one of the most powerful tools in your chiropractic marketing arsenal. It’s a fact that when people are searching for a new chiropractor, online reviews are key in helping people find a doctor who is trustworthy and can help them with their health problem.

If you look at the top Google listings for chiropractors in your area, you’ll find that the top three listings in Google Local Business all have both a larger number of reviews and more five star reviews.

Google is in the business of making money, and they make more money when more people use their services. And more people use their services when they provide accurate, reliable information about local your chiropractic practice.

One of the key components of Google’s Local Search algorithm is looking at business reviews. Google has determined that a large number of five star reviews indicates that a business is of high quality and legitimate. Those businesses will get higher ranking in Google Maps and local search.

How do you get more patient reviews?

We hear this question every day from chiropractors who want to improve their website’s search ranking and get new patients. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Optimize your Google My Business page. Your Google My Business page is where you will be sending patients for reviews, so make sure you have that locked down.
  2. Ask. As a chiropractor, you have helped hundreds of people get out of pain and improve their health. Many of these patients have been suffering for a long time and they’re grateful that you’ve been able to help them. These patients are primed to write a positive review, but many of them don’t realize that they should do that. When a patient expresses relief and gratitude, simply say, “I’m so glad that I’ve been able to help you. Would you please write some online reviews to share your story so that other people in pain can find our office?” It’s that simple.
  3. Remind them. Your patients are busy with their lives and they might not remember to write a review immediately. Send them an email to remind them to post their reviews.
  4. Make it easy for patients to leave reviews. Most people don’t even know where to go to post a review, so we’ve created a service called Chiropractic Review Building that creates a single page on your ChiroHosting website that you can use to direct patients for reviews.

    By having a dedicated review page, you can email people the URL and they can go write there, write a review, and post it to designated review sites.

From our experience with our clients, a page like this can dramatically increase patient engagement and new reviews for your practice.

If you have questions about building reviews for your chiropractic office, give us a call today at (800) 295-3346. One of our marketing experts will be happy to discuss your situation and help you find a solution.