Marketing to attorneys and medical professionals

July 30, 2009

Most chiropractic marketing focuses on reaching patients. That's obviously an important strategy, as most health care decisions are made by patients.

But don't forget marketing to other professionals, like attorneys, medical doctors, physical therapists, and massage therapists. Attorneys need to refer patients for care, and many patients need to see a medical doctor before they can be referred to a chiropractor.

We provide two different ways to educate professionals about the work you do as a chiropractor with our print chiropractic newsletter service and our chiropractic email marketing.

Both systems have their advantages. Print newsletters cost more, but some professionals like to have physical copies that they can store in a binder. Email marketing is much less expensive and more direct.

When reaching out to other professionals, you want to be as credible and professional as possible. That's why our newsletter service uses articles that based upon the latest science of chiropractic, and each article includes a complete reference to the medical study. By citing the literature, you give yourself (and chiropractic) extra credibility and validity.

If you have any questions, email me at mike (at) or give me a call at (800) 295-3346.

Mike Melton