Seattle Chiropractic Marketing

October 06, 2013

See our latest Chiropractic Marketing Analysis for Seattle

Marketing your chiropractic practice can be overwhelming if you're unfamiliar with the latest on internet marketing. Social media, Google+, AdWords, search's a lot for most doctors to understand, especially when you should be treating patients.

We've been helping chiropractors market their practice through print and the web since 1993, so we thought it would help doctors to understand how to approach your marketing by putting together case studies on individual cities in the US. We're going to start with Seattle, since it's a city close to us (we're located in Olympia).

Chiropractic Keywords for Seattle

Here are the seven most common search terms for +Seattle and +Chiropractor:

[table caption="Seattle Chiropractic Marketing" width="600" colwidth="50%|25%|25%" colalign="left|left|center|left|right"]
Search Term,Monthly Searches,CPC Cost
Seattle Chiropractor,590,$8.42
Chiropractor Seattle,480,$7.84
Seattle Chiropractors,170,$8.01
Chiropractor Seattle WA,140,$8.53
Chiropractors Seattle,140,$9.25
Chiropractor in Seattle,140,$7.32
Chiropractic Seattle,210,$7.89
Seattle Chiropractic,210,$7.36

That's a lot of people looking for a chiropractor! 580 each month are looking for a chiropractor in Seattle.

Now, as with most cities, there are dozens of neighborhoods or towns that are more local for most patients, and that's why local search is so important with chiropractic marketing. So, let's look at some local search terms:

[table caption="Seattle-Area Search Terms" width="600" colwidth="50%|25%|25%" colalign="left|left|center|left|right"]
Search Term,Monthly Searches,CPC Cost
Chiropractor Lynnwood,58,$4.54
Chiropractor Lynnwood WA,46,$7.84
Chiropractor West Seattle WA,36,$3.98
Burien Chiropractor,30,$5.84
Bothell Chiropractor,30,N/A

Obviously, more than 36 people are searching for a chiropractor in West Seattle each month, so we have to dig a bit deeper into how people search. Google's Local Search complicates matters, because if Google knows where you are and you simply type in "chiropractor," the first results are going to show chiropractors in your area.

Local Search Optimization

Because of Google's move to local search, this means that you have to use Google tools to make sure your site shows up for those searches, and that's now done through Google+.

Long-Tail Searches

Most people don't search directly for what they're looking for; they tend to search for more specific key phrases that might not even have chiropractor in the search. These are called long-tail searches, and they make up about 70 of the traffic to your website.

Let's look at some examples of these searches:

  • Seattle Back Pain Treatment
  • Seattle Neck Pain Treatment
  • Seattle Sciatica Treatment
  • Seattle Pain Center
  • Impotence Treatment
  • Seattle Auto Injury Treatment
  • Seattle Whiplash Injury
  • Seattle Headache Treatment

There are literally hundreds of search terms that you can focus on, and while there may not be large numbers of searches for each of these terms each month, there's a larger strategy in play. By focusing on these less frequently searched phrases, you can:

  1. Laser target specific kinds of patients
  2. Build a more general domain authority by creating tons of content

As to the latter point, Google is going to give more credibility to a site that has a large number of pages of content on different aspects of back pain treatment in Seattle compared to a site that has one page on generic back pain. In this instance, creating different pages on the different kinds of back pain, what causes back pain, and case studies or testimonials of patients you've helped who suffer from back pain would all be content that would help your site rank better in general in the search results.

Chiropractic Content Marketing

What we're talking about here is content marketing. This means creating tons of content for your site (which Google loves!), that will:

  1. Encourage patients to click to your site
  2. Get Google to rank you
  3. Convert site visitors into patients

The bad news: creating content is time-consuming. You can't just copy content from somewhere else online, which means that you need original content. There are a few options: you can write the articles yourself (do you have the time?), or you can hire someone to do this for you.

We provide this service, as well as complete chiropractic marketing services.

If you have any questions about chiropractic marketing, ask us below in the comments or give us a call at (800) 295-3346. We'll be delighted to help!