Position in Google vs Traffic to Your Chiropractic Site

April 03, 2014

It's hard to stress the importance of good organic search ranking for your site. A good organic search presence (as opposed to paid search), provides your site with stable traffic over many years. The better your search ranking, the more traffic you'll see to your site. In fact, if your site isn't in the top three positions on Google, you're not going to see much traffic. Here's the latest research on site position vs percentage of people who click on your site:

Chiropractic SEO ranking and traffic

This chart tells the whole story. 61.5% of all clicks are on the first three listings in the Google search results; 92% of all clicks are to pages that appear on Page 1 of Google. If your site isn't at the very top, it's going to be tough for your patients to find you!

Fine. I'll just pay for ranking.

The vast majority of "chiropractic marketing" companies simply do that: they buy AdWords for your site. Voilà! Your site appears right at the top of the page, like magic. (Well, expensive magic, anyway.)

There's only one problem with this: many people don't click on ads. In fact, a good click-through rate for an AdWords ad is 5%. 94% of people click on organic listings, because they know that AdWords listings are ads. And now Google is labeling ads as ads, making it even more clear.

Don't get us wrong: AdWords certainly may be an effective part of your advertising budget (if managed correctly), but organic rankings are always going to outperform ads.

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