Chiropractic Marketing with Video

March 01, 2013

Have you noticed the growing popularity of online video? Whether we learn about the latest dance craze or watch the bloopers of stunts gone wrong, anyone online is exposed to video content daily. While our friends on social media repost and share videos, we find ourselves exposed to even more video content.

Online video is also being used today as a crucial marketing tool. Below are a few ways you can unleash the power of video, taken from an article about video marketing, and summarized specifically to help market your chiropractic practice.

Call Your Customers to Action

As an experienced chiropractor, you could likely sit and write a ten-page paper on the benefits of chiropractic for treating dozens of diseases and conditions. Your paper may include statistics, share former patients' stories, and would likely include photographs to show the reader some of your techniques. Unfortunately, that would take days to write and your patients or potential patients would be unlikely to spend the time to read it.

A video, on the other hand, can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse, and the appeal makes your patients or other website visitors more likely to do so. Video has the power to not only get your patients' attention more than words on a page can. A video can show off your expertise and professionalism. It can also inspire patients to do something about their pain: by calling your office to schedule an appointment with you.

Tell a Story

Our society is one of storytelling. Many consumers want to know the who, what, and how of everything they can. They want to know the story. Consider creating a video introducing your chiropractic team and its values, and share some "behind the scenes" footage. Video is probably the best medium for provoking emotions, so consider a video describing how chiropractic changed the quality of life for one (or more) of your patients.

Explain Something New So Your Patients Can Understand

Many people just don't understand a new concept by reading an article. A video appeals to your patients and prospects who are visual learners. And because a video is more personable, it presents information in a more interesting way.

At Chirohosting, we understand that your patients' time, and maybe even their attention span, is short. We provide high-quality videos that help you get started using video to market your chiropractic clinic. 

Today, audiences everywhere love video, and visitors to your chiropractic website are likely in that category. They enjoy watching, sharing, and being part of it. It is wise to consider this when marketing your chiropractic clinic, and unleash the power of videos for yourself.